G gave the media full details of what he had experienced as a member of the research group, psychological manipulation, control of his personal life, oppression in all the senses that he had suffered within, the very negative consequences for his health that he suffered and still had. This “information” had a problem: G has never been part of that group where they did not even know him, nor did they know that he existed until journalists in favour of the harassers decided to spread his slanders.

DF has oral and written evidence that G is an imposter who presents himself to the media as a former member of that research center, and he never was. Journalists who spread his story already knew that he was never a researcher of that group and that everything was 100% fake news. These journalists were not interested in the truth, but the search for an audience at the cost of provoking a re-victimization of the victims and second-order of sexual harassment against those who had always supported them.

G was one of the most active harassers in social networks against the research center. He opened an anonymous account on Twitter, whose only purpose was to attack the victims with the same slanders that later appeared in some media. Twitter rectified (cancelling that account), but the media that promoted this harassment have not yet done so, even a public TV and radio channel that agreed with the victims to rectify, has not yet done so. Sources consulted by DF have been able to verify that a police investigation has confirmed the membership of G of the harassing Twitter account and that a judicial process is now open.

G’s harassment was not limited to giving a false testimony to the media. Nor was it enough for him to write tweets from the anonymous account. He used to call and send emails wherever a researcher from that center gave a lecture, a course or was presenting a paper. But he went beyond. He dared to spread the attacks that accused of sect to the research center among the teachers and families of a school where some people from the research group had enrolled their sons and daughters.

Those who really act against gender violence do not tweet in favour of #Metoo while looking the other way in these situations; that is a hypocrisy that favours harassment. Those who do not want to collaborate actively or passively against sexual assaults are those who publicly pronounce in favour of the victims.

* This article is part of Omertá in the University, a series of publications that address the fierce law of silence that has been generated in some universities around sexual harassment.

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