In my condition as the first victim to break the silence on the Spanish professor with more complaints of sexual harassment, I know very well that there are women and men in favour of the victims as well as men and women in favour of the harassers. This has not only happened in my own personal case, but it is part of the general fight against gender-based violence. Those who say that all women are against the aggressors and that all men are at least potential harassers cause us, as victims, a great deal of harm, as they remove the support that we do need to succeed and overcome the consequences as much as possible. To move on is not only an individual or collective need of the very few of us who eventually dare to denounce, but also a key requirement so that other victims dare to do so and receive the support they need, both from women and men. If all victims breaking the silence end up completely destroyed, it is more difficult for others to follow their lead and for their families and friends to encourage them to denounce this despicable behaviour.

I was first supported by a professor, who suffered consequences himself, and after a female teacher refused to support me. The previously mentioned professor had always backed the victims of gender violence and from the beginning we agreed that the complaint had to be carried out in such a way that I would not end up destroyed but, on the contrary, triumphant. Both harassers and those men and women who supported them wanted to destroy us, in order to set an example that would discourage other victims from breaking the silence and other people from supporting them. For me, to be a winner was not just something I did need, but a condition to give the opposite example to what harassers aimed: that victims can denounce and not end up sunken.

There have been many wonderful anecdotes of how we have achieved this dream. I explained one of these personal experiences in a social network and the Women of RTVE Facebook shared it. My views were disseminated to many people and this successful story has already encouraged more than one victim to denounce what they had to put up with.


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