In June 2016, more than two thousand five hundred people, mostly women, and two hundred groups and entities participated in the Radically-minded Feminist Conference held in Barcelona. In the session dedicated to sexual harassment in Universities, a member victim of the Gender Violence Victims Solidarity Network in the University expressed her experience publicly. She mainly explained the sexual harassment suffered by several people and the subsequent attacks that, after being duly reported, they received from University officials and other significant people therein.

At the end of the interventions, the -at the time- head of the UB’s Equality Unit, raised her hand in anger, asking the victim of the Gender Violence Victims Solidarity Network to apologize for her criticism and defended the UB and those who, like herself, held positions of responsibility. The victim tried to respond by presenting her arguments with solid sources. One evidence was the public recognition that the Rector declared he was a friend of the professor with the highest number of complaints of a sexual harassment nature. Another source was what appeared in the press in the prosecutor’s report in which the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business acknowledged having heard of the harassment of this professor since she was a student and, even while being Dean, had not implemented any measures to solve it. Fortunately, the public raised the voices of feminists in solidarity with the victim, opposing the attitudes and manners of the one who supposedly had to defend feminism in the most important institution in the University.

At the end of the session, she addressed the victim in a way that seemed threatening and continued with her accusations, asking her to apologize publicly. Nevertheless, the latter maintained her defence of the victims of gender violence in the University context and her criticism of the University for their actions. A few days later, some sensationalist journalists who were in contact with the UB launched the strongest public attack that has ever been conducted against the victims of sexual harassment in Universities.

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