The dissemination made by Dani Alves’ mother about the woman who has denounced her son is a victimization that goes against all the conquests that democracy and feminism have achieved. It is already very clear in democracies that any sexual relationship without consent is a crime regardless of the sex life of the people involved. However, we are now witnessing even media that disseminate these images of the complainant in addition to social networks and people in their face-to-face conversations. In addition to the work that justice must do, all citizens have the duty to act against this victimization. Those of us who are also scientists in the field of gender violence have the obligation to continue to clarify what consent is. Of course, DF does not disseminate these images, it has acted, acts and will always act in favor of all women.

The fact that this dissemination was made by a woman proves once again what we scientists have been publishing for many years: there are women and men in favor of the victim and men and women in favor of the aggressor. To say, as is sometimes still claimed, that it is a fight of women against men or that every man is a potential aggressor seriously promotes aggression and it very violently harms those of us who are victims. To make this statement in the name of feminism is even more serious and harms feminism. DF will always act in favor of all the victims and all the women and men who support them, and it will stand up to any attack.

To continue using the phrase “only yes is yes” is to promote gender violence as well as a basic scientific error. It has been published and demonstrated for a long time that consent depends on the set of elements of each communicative act in which there are not only words but also gestures, looks, threats. A yes uttered in situations of power by physical or institutional threat is not consent. DF will continue to disseminate the scientific evidence on consent that all of us are obliged to take into account, especially those of us who have scientific, professional or political responsibilities in this area.

Lídia Puigvert, principal investigator of the R+D+i projects CONSENT (2020-2023) and CONSENTNET (2023-2025) funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Spanish State Research Agency.

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