From the diversity and dreams of peace and equality that unite us, this article aims to be a voice for the claims of many women who, from their horribly violated contexts, have mobilized in defense of women’s rights amidst the atrocities of war.

Following the statement of UN Women, we consider it urgent to emphasize that all women, both Israeli and Palestinian women, just like all others, have the right to live a life in safety and free from violence. Since October 7th, numerous reports denounce gender-based atrocities and sexual violence. Allegations that should be properly investigated and prosecuted, with the rights of the victim at the forefront.

In this context, courageous women such as Palestinians and Israelis have formed joint movements like Women Wage Peace to protect women from the horrific consequences of war. For over fifty years, they have approached this issue with a perspective that transcends borders, embracing comprehensive security and recognizing that women have a more holistic vision that includes aspects such as economic security, education, and personal safety.

As a strong and courageous #metoo movement, Women Wage Peace fully supports rigorous investigations and commissions of inquiry into the Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel, advocating for the investigation of sexual violence. They urgently demand accountability for acts of gender-based violence and prioritized attention to the victims.

The protection of women and children must be a priority in the midst of conflict; therefore, we urge a return to the path of peace, respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights, and an end to the suffering in Gaza and Israel.

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