A message about an alleged attempt by a man to take a child from a school is spreading through the WhatsApps of families in many schools in Barcelona. People from that school have sent information, including a photo of the alleged offender, to families in other schools. Although the information later gathered has led to doubts about whether he wanted to take the child or steal things, the alarm and concern reflected in the messages have been very intense. Imagining the possibility that one of his children could be abducted and perhaps become part of the growing sex trafficking of children, once that possibility is removed, could lead us to be more aware and sensitive to the millions of children who are trafficked.

A bag of cocaine is sold and generates income only once to a single consumer; a girl is sold many, many times, even four or five times in a single night. Some of these children, after being sold for years for sex, are then sold into the organ trade. Child sex trafficking is bigger than drug trafficking and is growing much faster to the point where the number of sex slaves today exceeds what it was when slavery was legal. If it is growing rather than declining, perhaps we should ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and what actions are being taken to reduce it.

Perhaps some people think that it is not a big problem in our rich societies, that there is nothing we can do about it in our educational institutions. The mistake in that perspective is not to realise that the biggest consumers of child sex trafficking are precisely from our rich societies and have studied in our schools. The mistake of believing that sexual violence, the substitution of the pleasure of sex for the pleasure of power, is generated only or mainly in the hidden pornography that is mainly generated by the coercive discourse that imposes and even calls freedom to affective-sexual relationships with those who despise and insult their casual partners. The mistake of attributing a high intellectual level to the greatest defenders of pederasty, such as Foucault, contributes powerfully to all kinds of sexual abuse of children, including sex trafficking and the trafficking of their organs.

Scientific evidence is essential to improve our health by overcoming all denialism. Scientific evidence is indispensable for preventive education against the ever-increasing trafficking of children.

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