Science is providing increasing evidence of the negative health consequences of disdainful hook ups; the put-downs in such relationships have become so normalized that even the victim does not identify them as such: coercion to do more than she wanted, not saying hello to her the next day, making negative comments about her body parts or her sexual activity. The major nightlife businesses have so heavily promoted these disdainful hookups that it is very difficult for any teenager to never have one. Within the coercive discourse of those businesses, the hoax that these disdainful hookups have no consequences for life beyond that night or those five minutes plays a fundamental role. Science says the opposite and that is why it is strongly attacked by those who voluntarily or involuntarily collaborate with this business by presenting these hookups as if they were a practice of freedom.

The scientific journal of the New York Academy of Medicine, one of the world’s leading journals in its field (JCR Q1), has recently published an article describing the lifelong negative consequences for the health of the victims caused by that night or those five minutes. All girls and boys, their families, their professionals have the right to know the evidence published in that article, without such knowledge their decisions will not be free but coerced and will seriously damage the lives of the majority.

This article is placed in the context of other excellent research that presents evidence such as the following: In a single 10-second kiss, 80 million bacteria are transmitted, most of them disappear immediately, but others do not.  Many other recent investigations have demonstrated the connection between the gut and the brain and, more specifically, how bacteria in the gut can modify brain function and development, as well as their relationship with inflammation of the organism and even cancer. Moreover, just a few days ago, another research has been published showing how the mother’s gut bacteria can affect the gut bacteria of babies both during gestation and afterwards, interfering with brain development and cognitive performance from the beginning of life.

Those who have this information know that the nightlife business presents as the most desirable those who most despise their victims, who are also those who have sexual practices more related to pornography and prostitution. For this reason, they usually take this information into account in order not to choose them and not to choose those who have had relations with them. Thus, not only do they not diminish their sexual freedom, but they increase it because they choose with whom to have sex without submitting to coercive discourse.

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