When they know that the most prestigious universities in the world publish data on harassment complaints received, both resolved and unresolved, some representatives in equality commissions refuse to do so in the same way. The excuses always fall back on the North American model and in favor of an own management model.

Various collectives with various formulas and from very different spaces have asked countless times for the data to some equality commissions, but have not been successful, sometimes the institutions have opted for silence or to give incredulous answers such as “in our university there are no cases”.

The affected persons consulted have so far found that the opacity of the data generates a profound lack of knowledge of the problem for female students and, consequently, misinformation about the treatment and resources available to them to report cases of harassment at the university.

As a result of the sources consulted, it has also been proven that the “creation of our own methods”, disregarding what the most prestigious institutions are doing, is synonymous with not harming the aggressors. The fallacy that if there is no data, it is because the problem does not exist, is not only unrealistic, but also greatly worsens the image of the institution that acts in this way.

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