As soon as the silence was broken, the lobby of harassers received the support of professors who saw their power in danger. The previous Spanish university feudalism, isolated from international evaluations, had allowed Luis to be considered a reference in the departments of his field, in the media and in governments. He had no scientific level and accumulated only failures in his multiple attempts to achieve some international recognition, but his iron finger prevailed in the courts and commissions that decided which applicants would become teachers or which teachers would pass the evaluations. The feudal power that made this arbitrariness possible was the same that made immunity in front of sexual harassment possible.

The inevitable opening of Spanish universities to international evaluations began to destroy that feudal power. Everyone could see the high international scientific recognition of those who dared to break the silence and the rejection to Luis’ impostures. The people who broke the silence had carried out the research project in their fields that has achieved the most appreciation and European scientific recognition to date. Luis, desperate, launched his swan song with everything he had left. At a time when isolating gender violence was intensified against those who broke the silence, Luis took advantage of his influence in the administration to publish a criticism, full of elementary errors, to that project, in a non-scientific journal.

Internationally, this criticism provoked comments such as the following: “that is as if someone who fails in high school the physics subjects publishes a criticism of the theory of relativity”.

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