The defamations against the faculty who take a position against sexual harassment at the university and against who protect those who are victims, have been heard in very different spaces and have been repeated in the corridors, in the classes, in the cafeterias, among other places.

At a department meeting, H. had to hear from her colleagues, not only how an attack against her research group and herself was repeated, but that she had to tolerate that attack, which was the most serious and cruel done against a group of people.

Since all meetings have minutes that record what was discussed there, H. asked that the reproduction of those defamatory attacks also be recorded in the minutes. The answer  received was a denial. In this way, the people who refuse to include it in the minutes are not only acknowledging that not everything important that is discussed in the meeting is included in the minutes, but they are also betraying themselves by the seriousness of the attacks and not wanting it to remain a record of it.

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