The president of the International Sociology Association wanted to exemplify the daily life of a young woman who practiced her profession in the forms that he considered best for the Sociology and the society. He chose that a video clip was made from Esther, who responded to the public sociology that ISA wanted to boost. At first, she didn’t enjoy the idea, because she does not like to be in the spotlight at all, but she considered it another service to society and sociology, that many other people could have done, and that she could not say no to ISA’s proposal. The video clip was made and was a big success because it was largely disseminated and was projected in many public audiences.

When this assignment was accepted, it was not expected that the university’s sexual harassers and their allies would have it in for that video, for her and her life, for being one of the few professors who had supported the victims of those harassments. The same day that the most reported catedrático (Full professor in Spain) was going back to his position, a small group of journalists launched the attacks to the victims that so much benefit meant for that catedrático (Omertá 14). That same 13th June 2016, two journalists and another guy that shared their same attitudes, chatted proudly on twitter about how they were attacking those who they themselves publicly recognized as the victims, and the only people who had supported them reporting that catedrático when everyone else was silent.

Those same two reporters gathered once again in twitter with the one that has invented the most lies against the victims (Omertá 8). Their fun, attacking the sexually harassed victims in universities and those who supported them, has significant parallels with how the worst male chauvinists have fun in some pubs disseminating lies about the victims of sexual aggressions against which feminists and many other people are demonstrating. The former, are older and get together in bars while the latter are younger and do so in twitter, exactly for the same. And they pretend to be alternative, but this should not surprise us, there are male chauvinists and harassers in all sorts of contexts as it has been shown through many cases, like the Vice case.

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